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Web tools that can improve your business
Here's how a simple web hosting account can improve your business' bottom line. All of the features below are included at no additional charge.

Communicate with your customers: Communicate with your team:
 Create polls & learn what your customers really want
 Web chat with your customers live online
 Blog yourself & join one of the web's most popular activities
 Online forum: create a community for your customers to thrive in
 Ultimate team organization software: keep your team on schedule & organized
 Online collaboration software: perfect for managing team projects even if you're not in the same location
 Web calendar: post your events and promotions online
Sell your products with ease: Manage data swiftly and efficiently:
 Ecommerce: sell your products online using the included shopping cart software
 Online image gallery: showcase your products & examples of your work
 Create custom banner ad campaigns on your web site and even set up custom campaigns for your advertisers
 Web site creation: design your own site and save money on design costs
 Untangle your customer data, run reports, track opportunities with CRM software
 Create your own FAQ (frequently asked questions)
 Online knowledge base: simplify training your staff with a document repository

More than 600 apps, scripts, and web based tools included for your use!

Basic features

 WebPro2 WebPro2
Additional Domain
  Order WebPro2 Order WebPro2 Additional Domain Order WebPro2 Mini
Guarantees included:

 90 day Money Back
 99.9% or better Uptime
Premium 24/7 Technical Support:
 24/7 Toll-free phone #
Standard 24/7 Technical Support:
 Web-based Ticketing
 Email-based Ticketing
blankspaceredarrow Discussion forum
Disk space included
(overages at $1.02/GiB/month)
 20 GiB 20 GiB 2 GiB
Data transfer included
(overages at $1.02/GiB/month)
 200 GiB 200 GiB 20 GiB
Number of domains that can be hosted on account  1 1 1
Number of subdomains that can be hosted on account
(like forum.yourdomain.com and support.yourdomain.com)
  3 3 3
Access to point-and-click install & pre-installed applications (Fantastico)  
Monthly fee
(WebPro2 Mini requires annual payment)
+ free setup
+ free setup
(requires full price main account)
+ free setup
(paid annually)
  Order WebPro2 Order WebPro2 Additional Domain Order WebPro2 Mini

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