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hwVCI: Hardware Virtualized Cloud Infrastructure

We've used customer feedback from 16 years of VPS hosting and more than 20 years of dedicated and shared server hosting to design the ultimate network computing and information delivery platform. It's reliable, fast, and can tackle nearly any server oriented computing task you can devise.

Some of the common uses for an hwVCI are:

  • Web hosting / web server
  • Database server
  • Email server
  • Name server (DNS)
  • Mobile app backend
  • Backup storage
  • File sharing server
  • Chat server
  • Game server
  • VPN server
  • Remote desktop server
  • Media streaming server
  • VOIP server
  • Cloud app hosting
  • Code repository
  • Shard Container

The hwVCI is engineered to be a cut above what most people would call cloud computing. Carefully selected enterprise-grade hardware powers the hwVCI, not the cheap commodity hardware that powers most cloud computing platforms. While others compensate for the low reliability of cheap commodity servers by installing numerous systems and allowing for failover, we prevent the failures in the first place with high reliability systems and we *also* have systems in place for failover in the unlikely event of a failure.

The hwVCI is intended to be a direct replacement for a dedicated server or a VPS. It is a building block upon which you can deploy your own cloud solutions or use as a standalone server. It offers the flexibility to grow resources in near real time with little to no downtime. Need more instances? They're just a few clicks away with automated provisioning.

The hwVCI is the next evolution of server technology built on years of experience with diverse customer workloads, comprehensive engineering, thorough testing, tuning, and retesting to deliver what you demand: a reliable, fast, scalable, flexible, and economical platform upon which you can achieve your goals, without limit.

Features your nerd will love: Features your accountant will love:

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Fast High Capacity Storage.

Redundant Redundancy so you can rest restfully (aka Boss Silencer).

Near Native Performance.

Upgrade in place or add instances.

Flexible as a young whipper-snapper.

Includes a full 90 day Money Back Guarantee.

Includes a 99.99% or better Uptime Guarantee.

Includes Technical Support by toll-free phone, online forum, email, and 24/7 ticket system.

Free setup.

Resellers welcome. Ask us about special discounts and referral commissions for influencers.

Feature details for your nerd

Fast High Capacity Storage. Your storage is a technological work of art. We've blended the durability and speed of enterprise class SSDs with the economical capacity of enterprise mechanical hard drives and a large RAM cache to create a single cohesive high capacity storage resource that is reliable, fast, and economical.

Redundant Redundancy so you can rest restfully (aka Boss Silencer). Two power input breakers per node. Two power cords per node. Two hot-swap power supplies per node. Multiple hot-swap cooling fans per node. Dual multi-core CPUs per node. Error-correcting RAM. Double redundant hot-swap storage. Redundant storage links and paths. Two auto-failover network links to two different switches in the local network. Block-level off-site backups of storage. That's just the virtualization node and, yes, there's more than one of those, too. Just wait until you hear about our network network.

Near Native Performance. The hwVCI CPU and I/O virtualization is implemented with hardware-based processor extensions and paravirtualized network/storage drivers for optimal performance. The hwVCI storage is implemented in an intelligent fashion to maximize performance without compromising reliability.

Upgrade in place or add instances. Scale as needed from the included resources to much larger resources without moving files, changing DNS entries, or server reconfiguration. Alternately, you can add more resources by adding hwVCI instances and splitting the workload between them. Unsure the best way to grow? Our technical experts can help when you're ready!

Flexible as a young whipper-snapper. Any and all resources can be upgraded to insane levels in whatever order your usage dictates. Assistance with planning resource allocation for your hwVCI is provided by our technical staff at no charge. You can choose between three server-grade Linux operating systems: CentOS (available now), Debian (in development, available soon), or Ubuntu (in development, available soon).


Basic features

. Performance
. . Order hwVPS Order hwVPS
Guarantees included:
.. 90 day Money Back
.. 99.99% or better Uptime
. . .
Premium Technical Support:
.. Toll-free phone #
.. Online forum
.. Email
.. 24/7 ticket system
. . .
Number of vCPUs
(Intel Xeon E5-2620v2)
  8 included
16 max
4 included
16 max
ECC RAM   8 GiB included
128 GiB max
4 GiB included
128 GiB max
Redundant Fast Storage**   375 GB** included
24 TB** max
375 GB** included
24 TB** max
Monthly Data Transfer included
(hwVCI to hwVCI is unmetered)
  1 TiB in+out 1 TiB in+out
Server Operating Systems   Performance
CentOS x64 (Linux)
(available now)
  . .
Debian x64 (Linux)
(in development, available soon)
  . .
Ubuntu Server Edition  x64 (Linux)
(in development, available soon)
  . .
Control Panels   Performance
CPanel recommended
(additional fee, we install)
  . .
(free or paid versions, you install)
  . .
Customer may install any properly licensed software compatible with the chosen OS
(some restrictions apply, please see the Terms of Service)
  . .
Pricing & Options   Performance
Monthly fee
(unmanaged hwVCI)
  $45 $35
Monthly fee for managed***   +$100 +$100
Monthly fee for CPanel (required for Managed service, optional for unmanaged service)   +$10 +$10
Monthly fee to add PCI compliance configuration, validation, and remediation   +$150 +$150
Monthly fee to add file-level daily off-site backups   +$15 per month per 250GiB increment
250GiB minimum, usage above 250GiB of total backup space used (inclusive of retention period data) is billed in arrears
+$15 per month per 250GiB increment
250GiB minimum, usage above 250GiB of total backup space used (inclusive of retention period data) is billed in arrears
. . Order hwVPS Order hwVPS



Additional services available:
Anti-spam, anti-virus & anti-phishing email filtering service available $5 monthly, paid quarterly.
DNS Management Service available for very reasonable prices, paid annually.


Since unmanaged hwVCI accounts include server administrator or root access, we strongly recommend that you have experience administering a server if you plan to administer your hwVCI with anything other than CPanel. CPanel is only offered with hwVCI running CentOS. While our expert staff love helping customers learn how to use our services, it is expected that you have at least a basic familiarity with the concepts involved with running and maintaining a web site when choosing an unmanaged hwVCI plan, even if you intend to use CPanel. If you do not know how to administer a server, please choose a managed hwVCI plan.

Disk space available for user storage after filesystem formatting and operating system installation will vary by operating system. Between 600MiB and 6GiB of disk space will be used by operating system files depending on the operating system selected. If you need help selecting the right hwVCI for your needs, please contact our friendly sales staff.








** Please note that "GB" and "GiB" are different units of measure. In the vernacular, many tech and non-tech people refer to both as "Gigs", however, there is a very specific difference, which can seem substantial when hundreds or thousands of GB are involved. Specifically, GB is based on powers of 10 whereas GiB is based on powers of 2. In the early days of computing, the values and differences were small enough that people didn't care and/or define the difference. With large values, however, it matters. In short, 1 GB is equal to approximately 0.9313 GiB, so 1 GiB is larger than 1 GB. For a complete discussion and history surrounding this, click here for an excellent write-up on Wikipedia.

*** "Managed" can mean different things to different people. Most hosting companies don't take the time to define what you get when you buy a "managed" service. We do. Note, however, that the same applies to "unmanaged" service. "Unmanaged" services we sell are often much more "managed" than the "unmanaged" services sold by the competition. Here's a list of some of the differences between "managed" and "unmanaged", as we define it for our services. In the table below DIY = Do It Yourself.


Unmanaged hwVCI

Managed hwVCI

Education and virtual software walk-throughs as required . .
Maintaining the server hardware . .
Maintaining the network hardware . .
Supplying uninterruptible electricity . .
Maintaining acceptable levels of expert staff to do all this work . .
Training staff so they can unbork whatever gets borked . .
Designing and implementing reliable and fast systems for your use . .
Installing standard software via the included package manager within the hwVCI to match your needs DIY .
Configuring standard software within the hwVCI to match your needs DIY .
Adding/Removing/Modifying user accounts (up to 10 per month) DIY .
Adding/Removing domains (up to 10 per month) DIY .
Installing SSL certificates (up to 3 per month) DIY .
Installing software update packages to standard software within the hwVCI DIY .
Restarting services as needed DIY .
Maintaining standard services (http, smtp, ftp, ssh) DIY .
Restart the hwVCI (if ever required) DIY .
Apply security updates as required DIY .
Create/maintain firewall rules (if requested) DIY .
Clear out defunct server processes DIY .
Notify account holder on low resources (bandwidth, disk, RAM) DIY .
Uploading files supplied on CD/DVD/etc. DIY or available for a fee .
Web site content creation/edits DIY or available for a fee DIY or available for a fee
Installation of software not available via the standard package manager on the hwVCI DIY or available for a fee DIY or available for a fee
Software programming DIY or available for a fee DIY or available for a fee
Fixing software broken by you DIY DIY or available for a fee
Filling out order forms DIY DIY
Getting your coffee DIY DIY
Clicking your mouse DIY DIY
Brushing your teeth DIY DIY
Preparing your budget DIY DIY
Something else DIY maybe, ask us


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