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Why is there such a big difference?Price vs. Uptime comparison

1. Our people are experienced, conscientious, and genuinely care that your web site is up 24/7. We are constantly looking for ways to improve uptime and reliability.

2. We have an automated active monitoring system in place that monitors all services, servers, and electrical power for any disturbances. It automatically notifies us by pager of anything abnormal.

3. Our network is fully multi-homed using BGP routing that ensures automatic fail-over in the rare event of a backbone outage.

4. We perform regular maintenance on our network and servers. We believe that proactive outage prevention is better than the reactive outage resolution employed by most web hosting companies.

5. Much of our equipment is internally redundant and can withstand a failure without causing an outage.

6. Our equipment is in our facility and not in some colocation facility that requires a 30 minute drive to reach in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure. This allows us to resolve issues much faster than the typical hosting company which has colocated their equipment at a major datacenter owned by a different company.

7. We actually get out of bed when something fails in the middle of the night. Your business is more important than our sleep. Really.

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