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Real Transparency and Integrity.
Can your current web hosting company provide you with an independent third party uptime report with 1 minute resolution and multi-year history from 5 global locations?
Here's ours: Independent third party uptime report
(5 global locations)
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Obsessive network engineering at your service.
To create and maintain a network that delivers 100% of the time at levels of performance that exceed all expectations requires a special kind of obsession. Let us handle the "obsessing over the network" part. It's what we do and we love it.
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Shopping for web hosting or web space? Choose your web hosting plan type:

WebPro web hosting: easiest to use, tons of included applications. Free SSL Certificate for every web site.
hwVPS: Reliable, fast, flexible, economical. Our premium Xen VPS service. Designed for the discerning advanced user. Add CPanel and get free SSL certificates for every web site.
Economy hwVPS: The latest technology and the lowest cost Xen hwVPS. Designed for the cost conscious advanced user. CentOS x64 only. Add CPanel and get free SSL certificates for every web site.
True Dedicated Servers: a custom plan to suit your exact needs
Colocation: Low risk geography. Only 6ms from Seattle!


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